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Ministry Update from April to Nov 2013
Date: 11.03.2013
Dear friends,

Thanksgiving is almost here and our hearts are filled with gratitude for the goodness of the Lord. Indeed He has blessed us enormously this year. Here below is a glimpse of what the Lord has enabled me to do in the last six months:

• Ministered in the STNBA Pastors Conference, Leingangching (May 2-3)
• Ministered in the Silver Jubilee Celebration at UBC, Ukhrul ( May 4-5)
• A visit with Fire victims in Khul village (May 6)
• A Seminar on Baptist Structure Autonomy vis-ΰ-vis Centralization with DLBCA, Rayang (May 10-12)
• A seminar on Church Administration and Management with Perisuza Baptist Church, Kohima (June 8-10)
• Ministered in World Vision Staff Retreat, Guwahati (June 12)
• Ministered in the First EGF Conference in Tripura, Agartala (June 21-23)
• Presented a paper in BWA Commission on Theological Education and Leadership Formation (July 8-14)
• Speak in Theological Colloquy in Craigville (July 15-20)
• Ministered in the Pastors Retreat of Chang Baptist Association (July 22-28)
• Minister in CLC Writers’ workshop, Guwahati (Aug 7-10).
• Responded a paper in the Annual conference of Asia Theological Association, Jakarta (Aug 12-16)
• Ministered in the Second Pastors Retreat of Chang Baptist Association, Guwahati (Aug 26-31)
• Ministered in the Annual Conference of Apatani Baptist Churches Association, Ziro (Sept 6-8)
• Ministered in the 5th Annual Conference of Baptist Women Fellowship, Nagaon (Nov 3)

A person can only perspire at one’s best, but it is God who inspires and makes things happen worthwhile.

I am glad to inform you that the Council has already named the next General Secretary of the Council. This means I would be relinquished from my responsibility as the General Secretary of the Council by next year as soon as the new leader is installed. Your prayers are much appreciated for this transition.

Before the financial years 2013-14 ends, I have few more events of ministry. I shall appreciate your prayers for the following:

• Minister in the Golden Jubilee of DLBCA, Roing (Nov 9-12)
• Minister in the TLA Expository Preaching Seminar, Guwahati (Nov 26-29)
• Minister in the Pastors Retreat of Monsang Naga Baptist Association (Dec 6-8)
• Minister in the Silver Jubilee of RNBA (Dec 13-14)
• Minister in the Silver Jubilee of Home Guard Church Dimapur (Dec 15)
• Minister in the Triennial Conference of UESI- Andhra Pradesh, Kurnool (Jan 11-15)
• Minister in the Annual Conference of Telugu Baptist (Jan 16-19)
• Minister in the Evangelistic Crusade of Chima Apal Baptist church (Feb 14-16)
• Minister in the North East Pastors’ Conference, Guwahati (March 18-21)
• Minister in the Annual Conference of ABCC, Changlang (April 4-6)
• Minister in the Annual Conference of CBCNEI, Pasighat (April 24-27)

Regarding family, we are doing fine. Asangla has been always there as a strong and prudent helpmate, encouraging and facilitating my ministry. Sonam, Neema and Joshua are doing well in their studies. There has been continuous test of faith in meeting their financial needs but the Lord has been faithful to us thus far.

Thanks for your prayers and support. I value your partnership with TLA.

Your fellow servant in Jesus

A brief highlight of 2012
Date: 01.25.2013

A brief highlight of the year 2012

As we look back into the year 2012, we are just humbled by the fact that the Lord has blessed TLA ministries to be blessings of God to others. Like past years, we began the year with an objective to touch the lives of pastors and lay leaders so as to transform our region. With the help of TLA, following events were sponsored in 2012:

• Pastors Conference for CBCNEI, Guwahati (March 12-15) – 59 participants
• Pastors and lay leaders training program for SABA, Pasighat (Sept 13-15) – 450 participants
• Leaders Training Program for ABCC, Guwahati (Sept 27-29) – 35 participants
• Training on Discipleship and Preaching, Imphal (Sept 27-29) – 50 participants
• Training for the Pastors of MBK, Kulajan (Nov 3-4) – 150 participants
• Spiritual Renewal Conference, Guwahati (Nov 7-10) – 39 participants
• Seminar on Expository Preaching and Biblical Counselling, Guwahati (Nov 12-16) – 59 participants

In a separate program, 10 bicycles and 4 motorbikes were distributed to help the native leaders serve the Churches and community more effectively. On three different occasions 100 volumes of reference books, Bibles, and other helpful books were distributed to individuals and for a School Library.

Besides above mentioned programs, TLA enabled AK to actively minister in nine Conferences, four Consultations, and seven meetings. Of these, four were very significant as AK could minister in the Wold Mission Conference, Wisconsin (May 18-25), preached and led a seminar in Asia Theological Association Conference, Malaysia (June 18-21), led a seminar in the Baptist World Alliance Congress, Santiago (July 4-7), and preached in Asia Pacific Baptist Federation Congress, Kula Lumpur (Sept 4-8). These events enabled AK to influence a larger sphere of audience.

AK is presently leading as the General Secretary of the Council of Baptist Churches in Northeast India. This Council is a large federation of 7000 Churches, six hospitals, eight seminaries, five Christian Literature Centres, three Hostels and several departments that exist for empowering the churches and Christian community to serve the region. With the help of TLA’s partnership with this Council, AK has been able to impact a significant transformation among the leadership in the region.

We are grateful to God for the good health, the well being of our family, and the faithful support of TLA prayer partners.

The best is yet to come. Please uphold the work for 2013 in your prayers.

AK and Asangla
October 2012 Update
Date: 10.28.2012
Dear friends,

Winter is almost here. Thanksgiving and Christmas is approaching. The New Year 2013 is just 60 days away. It’s time to celebrate the blessings that the Lord gave to us this year.

Some of the special achievements of the TLA in the last semester are:

(1) The itinerant teaching and preaching ministry of AK
(2) The training of Pastors and Christian workers in various aspects of the Ministry
(3) The distribution of Bicycles and the selection of recipients of the Motorbikes

With God’s help and with your prayers, we have successfully carried out many activities in the last quarter. Besides ak’s busy engagement in helping CBCNEI to carry out various activities of its departments, institutions, and its member conventions, we want to draw your attention to few programs which TLA has sponsored and where ak was personally involved:

1. Training on Church Administration and Management (Sept 13-15): Siang Adi Baptist Association (SABA) hosted more than 250 pastors and other Church leaders for two and half day training on Church Administration and Management. The resource persons were Dr. A. K. Lama, Col Arun, and Pastor Lal Haokip. The program was jointly sponsored by TLA and CBCNEI. Many felt that due to lack of such training, Churches are facing many challenges.
To see pictures please browse:

2. Leadership Training Program for ABCC (Sept 20-23): The Arunachal Baptist Church Council hosted a three days Leadership training program for leaders of 16 Associations under the state convention. The emphasis was on developing leadership virtues, ministries, and Church administration. The resource persons were Rev. Christ Horton, Rev Zhabu Terhuja, and Dr. A. K. Lama. The program was jointly sponsored by TLA and CBCNEI.
To see pictures please browse:

3. Training on Discipleship Making and Preaching (Sept 27-29): Meitei Baptist Churches Association (MBA) of Manipur hosted two and half day training program for 50 pastors and lay leaders. The resource persons were Rev. Chris Horton, Rev. Greg Morrison, Rev. A. K. Lama, and Dr. Lev Bragg. The program was fully sponsored by TLA. Most participants expressed their gratitude for such a program. They said that it was first of its kind which had addressed many practical issues of ministries.
To see pictures please browse:

For other activities of ak, please visit

Please pray for the forthcoming events where ak shall be involved in next two months:

(i) Nov 2 : Mising Baptist Kebang Mission Consultation, Kulajan
(ii) Nov 3-4 : Mising Baptist Kebang Pastors Training Program, Kulajan
(iii) Nov 7-10 : Spiritual Renewal Conference, Guwahati.
(iv) Nov 12-16 : Seminar on Expository Preaching and Biblical Counseling
(v) Nov 22-24 : CASA Executive and AGM meeting, Pune
(vi) Nov 24 : Jubilee Celebration of White Memorial Girls Hostel, Guwahati
(vii) Nov 27-30 : CBCNEI Global Mission Consultation, Guwahati
(vii) Dec 1-4 : Annul Conference of Evangelical Baptist Convention,
(viii) Dec 7-9 : Silver Jubilee Celebration of Tangsa Baptist Churches
Association Youth department, Jairampur
(ix) Dec 14-16 : The Annual Convention of the Council of Rengma Baptist
Churches Association, Kandinu

Through this letter, we want to thank you for your prayers and supports. We need your continuous support in order to serve our Churches faithfully. Let us continue to nurture the partnership we have in His enriching fellowship.


Ak and Asangla
August 2012
Date: 08.18.2012
Dear friend in Christ;

I realise that I have not communicated with you for some time. Life has been pretty hectic with challenges but I am mindful of you as my prayer partner.

Things have not been good in our region for last two months.
The eastern part of Assam was struck with torrent flood and the western part was struck with ethnic violence. Many lost their belongings while others lost everything. It is estimated that more than hundred thousands are in living in the make-shift refugee camps. We could help around 1000 families with food and clothes in the flood affected areas and we are waiting for reduction of violence in the west for any relief work.

In fact, situation has aggravated, as fundamentalists have invoked more violence through false publicity causing exodus of thousands of north easterners from the rest of the country. You can read one of those false publicities here []. Some are bent to instigate violence in our region. Situation has become tense everywhere. Please pray for peace and wisdom of God upon our political leaders.

On the family front, we are all doing fine. Asangla is keeping busy with the ministries. Sonam is in Judson University, Elgin, as Junior in the Architect program. Neema is home but will go back to her college in China to do her Medicine next week. Joshua is preparing for SAT test. He is praying for a college in US.

To keep you well-informed, here below are my praise and prayer points:

Praise God for:

1. Devotionals in the Writers Workshop held from June 5-7, 2012 in Guwahati.

2. AK's active participation in the Asia Theological Association Consultation on the Scripture in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from June 18-21. He presented a paper which was well received. He also helped in drafting the KL Affirmation.

2. AK's two presentations in Baptist World Alliance Commission on Theological Education and Leadership formation in Santiago, Chile, from Aug 2-7.

3. AK's ministry of the Word of God. Several students surrendered themselves to the Lord during Revival Crusade organised by Campus Christian Fellowship in Kohima from July 27-29.

4. AK's teaching on Life and Ministry of a missionary in the Missionary Training Program in Guwahati from Aug 13-19.

5. AK's teaching on Expository Preaching at Antioch Seminary in August.

6. Gods' manifold provision for AK and his family.

Please pray for the forthcoming ministries:

1. Sept 4-8: Preach in plenary session in Asia Pacific Baptist Federation, KL, Malaysia.

2. Sept 13-15: Teach and Preach Pastors about church Management, Administration, and Ministries for all the Pastors under Siang Adi Baptist Association in Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh.

3. Sept 21-23: Teach and Preach Evangelism and Discipleship
Ministries of the Church to all the leaders under Arunachal Baptist Churches Council.

4. Sept 27-30: Teach and Preach Exegetical Preaching to all the Pastors and Evangelists under Meitei Baptist Churches Association, Imphal,

5. Oct 3-5: Medical Board Meeting and speak in the Centenary Celebration of Impur Christian Hospital, Impur.

6. Oct 18-19: Christian Literature Board Meetings, Special Consultation of Baptist Leaders, and the Executive Meeting of the Council

7. Oct 21-24: Teach and Preach in the Annual Conference of the Evangelical Graduates Fellowship of Orissa in Korapur.

8. Oct 26-28: Preach in the Sumi Baptist Convention in Dimapur.

Like St. Paul, I urge you to Pray also for me, that whenever I speak, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel . . . Pray that I may declare it fearlessly, as I should. (Eph 6:19-20 NIV).

Praying for you.

Northeast India
March 2012
Date: 04.01.2012
Dear friends of TLA

The Baptist Churches are celebrating 175th years of the coming of the gospel in the northeast India. The first American Baptist missionary landed in Assam in 1836. The humble effort must have been an unnoticeable little spark but it soon spread like a wild fire. Ever since then, thousands of sons and daughters of the soil have been called to serve our regions as evangelists, missionaries, pastors, association & convention leaders, deacons, secretaries, doctors, nurses, teachers, government officials, etc. & etc. The Baptist family have grown into one million members and 7000 Churches today.

The God of the Bible continues to call young men and women to follow him. Some fervently pray, others sacrificially give, and still others go to distant places to make known the Love of God. We are grateful to God for such a rich continued legacy in the northeast region of India.

The God of the Bible is not only the Creator of all, but also the Saviour of all. He cares for all who are in need. He continues to reach out the needy through his faithful followers even in our days.

A Series of Mission Consultation:
Most Baptist Churches are very mission minded but most Churches engage in missions independently without networking with their association or convention. Henceforth, the Council has begun a special effort to streamline the mission works of our Churches by conducting a series of mission consultation for the Church leaders. I had the privilege to be one of the resource persons.

To see some of the picture, please visit:

TLA/CBCNEI Pastors Conference: 59 Pastors stayed four and half days learning how to preach, how to disciples, and how to lead the Church for global mission. Seventeen pastors were from Mumbai. The program was fully sponsored by TLA ministries. Dr. Asangla and Ms Boinu Singson coordinated the program. In the evaluation session, most Pastors were very grateful for the program. They told that they have not attended such an excellent program before. They requested for more of such trainings in the days to come.

Family front: Children are doing fine. Sonam will be travelling to Europe to fulfil the course requirement in Architecture. She will need Visa for European Union and also visa for return to US. Please uphold her in your prayers. Neema is doing her first year Pre-Med at Huazhong University, Wuhan in China. She is having her exams. We hope to see her in July. Joshua is junior in high school. He is preparing for SAT and looking for a college that would offer a better scholarship. He will also appreciate your prayers. Our Children’s education is one of our major prayer concerns. We request you to pray with us.

Please pray for the events in April where I shall be involved:

• Hostel Ministry Board (April 10)
• Theological Education Board (April 12)
• Medical Board (April 18-19)
• The 75th Years Celebration of NBCC in Kohima (April 16-21)
• The Executive Committee (April 26-27)
• The 62nd Annual conference of CBCNEI in Hamren (April 27-30)

Thanks for your continued support and encouragement.

Ak and Asangla

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