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Topic: Pray for AK
Date: 02.20.2011
for the forthcoming events in February and March 2011:

1.Baptist University Consultation, Guwahati (Feb 22)
2.CBCNEI Mission Board Meeting, Guwahati (Feb 23)
3.CASA National Board Meeting, Delhi (Feb 24)
4.Teach at Eastern Theological College, Jorhat (Feb 26-28)
5.Pastors Preaching Seminars for Ao Baptist Churches Association, Impur (March 1-5)
6.Consultation with Dr. David Bennet, Guwahati (March 7)
7.CBCNEI/TLA Pastors Conference on Preaching, Guwahati (March 8-12)
8.Pochury Baptist Churches Association Pastors Retreat, Guwahati (March 16-19)
9.CBCNEI Day of Prayer in Nagaon Baptist Church, Nagaon (March 20)
10.Inductive Bible Study Seminar, Guwahati (March 22-24)
11.Theological Education Committee Meeting, Guwahati (March 25)
12.All Principals Meeting, Guwahati (March 26)


AK's involvement in Feb 2010:

Feb 3 : ETC Principal Search Committee Meeting

Feb 5 : Meeting with the leaders of General Baptist Conference to explore the possibility partnership among Baptist churches to reach out Assam.

Feb 6-8 : Visit Kohima to attend 125th years of Angami Baptist Churches and have meeting with the visiting BIM leaders.

Feb 8 : Meeting in Dimapur with Dr. V.P. for planning the future of Shatribari Christian Hospital, Guwahati.

Feb 9-11 : Helping the Leadership Seminar conducted by Rev. BenChan in Guwahati.

Feb 12-14 : Minister in Manipur Baptist Convention in Senaapti.

Feb 15-16 : Minister Sunday School Teachers from Ao Baptist Church, Dimapur.

Feb 19-March 8 : Attend Global Impact Conference in Birmingham, Alabama and visit some friends of Transforming Leaders in Asia Ministries to explore the possibility of support for TLA programs in 2010.


AK’s involvement in Jan 2010:

1-4 : Coordinating the visit of students from Colgate
And Beeson Divinity School

5-6 : Dedication of Cheptak Mayang Trust in Dimapur

10-15 : Family Conference in Chennai

16-19 : Minister in the Annual Conference of the Galo
Baptist Church Association.

28-31 : Minister in the Annual Conference of the
Nagaland Baptist Churches Council.


AK’ involvement in Dec 2009:

9 : Minister in the Advance Christmas Celebration of Tangkhul Students Fellowship, Guwahati.
13-14 : Minister in the Women’s Conference of the United Baptist Churches Association of Goalpara

16 : Meeting with Rev. Elisha Chua, Area Director Church Engagement Wycliffe, Guwahati

18 : Dedication and inauguration of Assam Christian Forum Office, Guwahati.
CBCNEI Advance Christmas Celebration
Emergency Meeting for SCH, Hospital.

25 : Minister in Guwahati Baptist Church

29-30 : Give Key Note Address in Golden Jubilee Celebration of Union of Evangelical Students of India, Barapani.


AK's engagement in November' 2009:

2 Visit L.M. Hostel Retreat
6-8 Speak in the Baptist Women Conference, Imphal
10-15 Speak in a Student Mission Conference (BSFB)
in Bangladesh
17 Speak in a Pastor’s Retreat in Bangladesh
25 CASA Board Meeting
27-29 TLA Counseling Seminar


Oct 9-12: AK and Asangla will minister in a Crusade in Kohima Lotha Baptist Church, Nagaland.

Oct 13-16: AK will present a paper and participate in theological track in All India Congress on Churches in Mission (AICOCIM),Hyderabad.

Oct 22-23: CBCNEI Executive Committee Meeting


Please pray for AK and Asangla as they host three days Family Enrichment Seminars from Sept 18-20 in Guwahati. They expect 17 couples. Majority of them would be full time workers. Also pray for the resource persons: Mr. Tony Marak and Mrs. Pearly Marak.


Please pray for the Fire Victims in AK's state of Arunachal. A total of 108 houses were burnt. Many Christian families are left with absolutely nothing. CBCNEI leaders desire to provide some relief in the village. Please pray for the need of financial contribution donors. If you have access to any fund for relief, CBCNEI will be glad to receive and pass it on to ABCC. Please pray for the victims.


AK's Ministry in September 2009:

2-4 : Departmental Meetings
5 : Inauguration of Babupara Eye Hospital of CBCNEI
14-16 : JSM Consultation on Preaching Ministry
18-20 : Family Seminars for Christian Workers
29-30 : Consultation on CBCNEI Ministry


Most leaders who came for training had never been to seminary. Most delegated were attending such a training for the first time. They were using Bibles but their biblical knowledge was very poor. They told me that the Churches they represent suffer from confusion on the teachings of the Holy Spirit. Most Christians in the rural areas are influenced by the indigenous witchcraft. They need more biblical teaching, but they do not have teachers. A majority of the delegates were from Baptist Church of the north east region (Rundu). The Baptists leaders told me that after American missionary left three years ago, they are on their own. They are praying for help from Baptist Churches from other countries. I visited the Baptist Church in Tsumeb and felt sad by looking at its condition. The Church was surrounded by many slum dwellers who are refugees from Angola and the Church condition was like one of the slum house. I pray that someday CBCNEI Churches will be able to send a missionary to work among the Baptist family in Namibia. Please pray for the Baptists in Namibia.

Pray for my host: Mr. Gary and Elizabeth Wilkins who helps the villagers in Namibia by providing tube wells through By Provision Ministry. They hosted this training program. I came to know them through my friend Mr. Scott Johnson. Please pray that the Lord will enable them to continue such training programs in Namibia.

Of its 2.1 million populations, Namibia claims to be 75% Christians. Protestant churches are composed of Lutheran, Methodist, Pentecostal, Dutch Reformed, and Baptists. There is only one seminary ( in Windhoek. Training of leaders would be the most important strategy to strengthen the Churches in Namibia. More information on Namibia can be read online (


AK's ministries in August 2009:

Some of you know that August 14-16 is considered a time of unrest in northeast India. Often there are groups who oppose the celebration of Independence Day (August 15) by some political agitation or bomb blasts. I write this to seek your prayers for peace in the northeast.

I also write this to seek your prayers for my ministry during this month:

Aug 1-10 : Ministry in Tsumeb, Namibia.
Preach, Teach, and Train around 40-50
Namibian Pastors and lay leaders.
Return home on Aug 12.

Aug 15-18 : Ministry in Guwahati.
Train around 25-30 evangelists “How
to Present the Gospel in a Hostile

Aug 21-23 : Ministry in Dibang Valley, Arunachal, my
home association.
Felicitation by home association.
Training of Pastors and evangelists on

Aug 28-30 : Ministry in Imphal, Manipur.
Training Pastors “How to Study so as to
Preach Exegetically.”

May the good Lord continue to bless you this month.

AK's ministries in July 2009:

July 5 :Preach in Shillong Baptist Church, install the new Pastor.

July 8-9 : Teach Baptist Women in Guwahati
How to listen God through Scripture and how to write devotional message.

July 10-11 : Speak to Baptist Government Employees in Udalguri. How to become a witness in their work places.

July 14-15 : Theological Board Meeting, Jorhat.

July 17 : Human Rights and Justice Committee Meeting, Guwahati.

July 22 : Meeting with the International Justice Mission workers.

July 27-Aug 11: Ministry in Namibia


1. AK will preach the Christmas message of peace to a crowd mostly from other faith on Dec 5.

2. AK's preaching series on Advent Christmas at Shillong Baptist Church.

3. AK's effort in bringing changes in the Mission Hopitals under the Council of Baptist Churches of Northeast India.

4. AK and Asangla will minister in the Evangelistic Camp in Patkai from Dec 14-19, 2008.

1. AK's new responsibility as the designate General Secretary of the Council of Baptist Churches of Northeast India. AK will be installed in April 2009.

2. AK and Asangla will minister in the EGF conference of Arunachal from Nov 13-16, 2008.

3. AK and Asangla will minister in the Evangelistic Camp in Patkai from Dec 14-19, 2008.


1. AK and Asangla will minister in the Counseling Workshop for 60 leaders of the Achik Churches Association from Oct 16-19.

2. AK and Asangla will train 60 pastors and Christian workers in the RRTC from 3-11 Nov. Rev. Eclov Lee,Pastor of Village Church of Lincolnshire and other resource persons will also minister.


The forthcoming ministry opportunity for AK and Asangla:

1. Dr. Asangla will minister in the EGF retreat in Itangar (Arunachal)from Aug 1-3.

2. AK will minister in the three days Revival Conference of Shillong Baptist Church from Aug 8-10.

3. AK will leave India on August 10 to visit to USA and minister there from Aug 12-21.

4. AK and Asangla will minister during three days leaders retreat with Tura Town Baptist Church from Sept 12-14.

5. Asangla will train 40 women social workers in Biblical Counseling from Sept 20-23.

6. AK will pread in the three days EGF Conference in Kohima October 4-7.


* Six evangelists who will recieve motorbikes in a dedication service on July 12. These evangelists work in very remote areas of Himalaya.

* AK's teaching in John Roberts Theological Seminary. He is teaching a course on History of Israel. 37 students have registered for this course.

* AK and Asangla will minister in the Annual General Meeting of Union of Evangelical Students of India which will be held in Imphal from May 22-26.

* for the ongoing relief work in Myanmar and China where thousands are suffering as I write this.


* AK will be preaching in the SBC and also in the English service of the Police Bazar Prebyterian Church on April 20.

* AK continues to teach the Bible Study in 2 Cor on every Saturday at 4:30 p.m.

* for the SBC leaders as they meet this week on several occasions and then in the Annual General Meeting on May 10 to plan for the whole year.

* for the TLA leaders as they meet on April 27.

* for the TLA Board of Directors as they meet in the last week of April.

* for the TLA training in the last week of October this year.

* for the Pastors and evangelists who attended the TLA training in Feb 18-23 that they will put into practice what they have learned.

* for the 13 Christian workers who received Motorbikes that they will remian faithfull and committed to God.

* for 4 Christian workers who will receive Motorbikes in May.


Please pray

* for AK's preaching in Kolkata Bible College Convocation on April 12-13

* for the Visa interveiw of AK and Asangla on April 10

* for AK's preaching in UESI-NE AGM Meeting in Imphal, Manipur in May 23-25.

* for the SBC AGM meeting as AK desires to see some changes to strenghthen the Church.

* for Asangla's new and demanding role as the Zonal Secretary of the Union of Evangelical Students of India North East.


Please pray for AK

* for his preaching in the YWCA Advance Christmas Cellebration on Nov 13 and the SNEU Advance Christmas Program on Dec 2. Several students from other faiths are invied to hear the gospel in these two programs.

* for his preaching ministry in the SSEU meeting on Nov 20.

* for his teaching in the Saturday Bible Study in the Shillong city from 4-6 p.m.

* for his preaching every Sunday in the Shillong Baptist Church.

* for his teaching Hebrew on Monday and Wednesday (7:30 to 9:30 a.m.)at John Roberts Theological Seminary. 34 students have registered.

* AK's plan to organize the TLA's Pastors' Training Worksop in Feb 18-23, 2008.


Please pray for

* a Hindu boy and a girl in our Church who eagerly want to take Baptism and become member of AK's Church against their parents will. Pray for wisdom and discernment.

* for a lady in AK's Church whose husband is a drunkard. She is hurt and the Church needs to help her. Please pray for wisdom.

* for a worship place for AK's Church. Currently the Church meets in a Presbyterian Church building but has lots of problem in conducting worship.


Please pray for

* Dr. Asangla's ministry to a group of womens on October 13
and also in the Sunday School Camp Oct 18-21.

* AK's teaching and preaching ministry
- in the Sunday School Camp oct 18-21
- in the CMN Missions Conference in Delhi Oct 24-28
- in the DLBCA Youth Conference Jan 2-6, 2008
- the Thursday Bible Study at the Northeaster Hill
Univeristy Campus from 5:30 p.m. t0 7:00 pm.
- the Saturday Bible Study in the Shillong city from
4-6 p.m.
- Sunday preaching in the Shillong Baptist Church

* AK will teach Elementary Hebrew on Monday and
Wednesday (7:30 to 9:30 a.m.)at John Roberts Theological
Seminary, Mawklot, Shillong.

* AK's plan to organize the TLA's Pastors' Retreat in
Feb 18-23, 2008.


* for the Shillong Baptist Church (SBC) where AK is the Pastor. Every Sunday the Church attracts around 200-300 worshippers. The Church does not have their own building so they meet at 12:15 pm in a Presbyterian Church. Since the Church is given only a 90 minutes time slot and the space is limited, the Church is struggling to carry on its normal activities.

Please pray

that the Lord will provide finance to purchase land and build a Church.

also pray for a new Sound system with sound mixer so that they can improve the audibility in worship.

for the Women's Sunday at the SBC on Sept 16. Dr. Asangla will be preaching.

Pease pray

* for the TLA ministries and the Board of Directors that God will continue to guide them in enouraging, equipping, and empowering the leaders in Asia.

* for the Leaders Training Programs planned in partnership with Dawson Memorial Baptist Church in Jan 2008.

* for the three Christian workers who have been identified for giving the Motorbikes for their ministries this year.



* for the ministry of RESCUE in Assam and the family of one of their evangelist Mr. Hemanta Das, who was beaten in his house by some unknown visitors in the night. The injury inflicted was so severe that he succumbed to death on July 1. Mr. Hemanta was a recent Hindu convert who was passionate to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Recently, TLA had gifted him a motorbike to help his ministry. Pray that his tragic death will draw even more Assames to Christ in Assam.


PS: For the detail on the itinerary, please check out his UPDATE.
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